STS (Intelligent Trading System):
Through digital data empowerment, online trading system according to electronic contract to achieve intelligent track
Ensure that your purchase orders on can be fulfilled safely and efficiently
Please note: STS protects online purchase orders if and only if buyer and seller settle through K100Pay
Operation mechanism of STS (Intelligent Trading System) :
The payment and settlement process is automatic
Implemented by under electronic contract
Purchasers place orders to suppliers through the platform, and the suppliers confirm the orders after receiving them.
The order confirmed jointly by the buyer and the seller shall be regarded as the electronic purchase contract between the buyer and the seller. Both parties shall assume their respective obligations according to the relevant contents of the electronic procurement contract.
2.1 The purchaser shall use his/her overseas account to pay for the goods through K100PAY.
2.2 The supplier shall provide corresponding products and complete customs clearance procedures according to the contract requirements.
The warehouse operator designated by the platform will receive the goods and transfer the rights to the goods (to the purchaser) according to the electronic contract.
After the transfer of goods rights, the platform notifies K100PAY of the loan based on the information provided by the warehouse operator.
Online payment & settlement solutions holds the payment for goods temporarily during the transaction and notifies K100PAY to make the release after the warehouse operator transfers the right of goods according to the electronic contract.
Please note: All the above operations are done automatically by the STS system. Once the quantity and time of product delivery do not match the electronic contract, the system will automatically stop operation. Buyers and sellers need to change the electronic procurement contract before the transaction process can be restarted.
How to ensure the security of the entire trading process through intelligent trading system/STS
1. Place offline orders with STS suppliers.
2. Pay through K100Pay, providing multiple payment channels.
Please remember: the guarantee of transaction security only applies to online orders. Only when you pay through K100Pay is the entire transaction process securely monitored and protected.