Reconstructing digital supply chain of cross-border e-commerce
Connecting industrial belt source factories with cross-border e-commerce sellers makes it easier to select goods and export across borders
The factory side focuses on manufacturing, the seller focuses on product sales and operation, the industry has specialized, professional people do professional things

Our Vision

To become the worlds leading cross-border e-commerce digital supply chain management and trading platform.

Our position

1, cross-border e-commerce products selection, industrial belt source factory docking, supply chain whole process online, visual management of supply chain finance and other cross-border e-commerce whole industry chain digital level.
2. A supply chain platform for wholesale cross-border e-commerce.

Our advantages

1, the buyer can pay in US dollars or other currencies, the factory end of the compliance and sunshine RMB settlement, export tax rebate, seamless one-stop customs clearance in the bonded area.
2. Reduce cost and increase efficiency for factories (sellers) and distributors (buyers), from one package to the whole container, LCL can be operated. Online real-time check progress, digital full process cross-border trade is so simple.
3. A whole-channel distribution agent, which gathers the source factory of the induOnlineTransactionstrial belt, meets the requirements of cross-border e-commerce and K100 preferred factory, saves the time of finding goods and selecting products, and increases the trust of both buyers and sellers in online guarantee transactions.
- The reason for choosing us -

Reduce the cost of purchasing goods for cross-border e-commerce

The supplier completes the tax refund by itself
The price provided is the bare price after tax refund is completed

Facilitate cross-border e-commerce tax planning

You can keep your profits where you want them
And conduct reasonable global tax planning

Cheaper warehousing labor costs

Qianhai Free Trade Zone completely replaces Hong Kong for logistics operations
Operating cost savings