The source industry belt factory (called supplier on the K100B2B platform) settled in

One、What are the differences and advantages of K100B2B and other platforms?

1、Free entry: There is only a small fee after zero-cost entry into the transaction, and the fee is only 1.5% of the transaction value (the fee is used for platform maintenance and later platform promotion)

2、 Integrate cross-border seller channels and community resources, expand overseas sales channels, and enhance overseas popularity.

3、 Reasonable payment terms and improve the profit margin of products, payment methods can be selected from various methods such as deposit and monthly settlement. After the buyer (cross-border e-commerce seller) places an order, it can be adjusted at any time according to the order quantity to improve the capital turnover rate and cross-border e-commerce. The profit margin of overseas e-commerce sellers for overseas end consumers is higher than that of traditional foreign trade export orders.

4、Precise traffic: The average monthly traffic is 300,000+, the average monthly pageview is 5 million+, and the cross-border e-commerce sales orders are stable and customer stickiness is strong.

Massive buyer users: The number of cross-border e-commerce sellers (buyers) is 100,000+, the average daily order number exceeds 10,000, and the cross-border e-commerce industry member companies have accumulated 2,600+ member companies in the past 8 years. The customer base includes:

| 70% of the top cross-border cross-border e-commerce sellers, with annual sales of tens of billions

| Waist multi-channel and multi-platform sellers (mainstream European and American platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, Ebay, Wish, Newegg, some Southeast Asian platforms and other e-commerce platforms, independent stations, etc.)

| Overseas KA store distribution channels (such as Walmart, Bestbuy, Target, Costco, etc.)

| The worlds top 500 enterprise sellers (K100B2B platform provides cross-border e-commerce supply chain management and perennial procurement services for them)

1. The K100B2B platform adheres to the industry-leading source factory docking service, allowing real factories to focus on production and R&D, cross-border e-commerce sellers (purchasers) focus on sales and operations, professional people who specialize in technology, and professional people to do professional things.

2. At present, the platform does not have "routine" marketing programs such as bidding ranking and keyword paid ranking. It uses big data to select products, is oriented by transaction results, and targets effect marketing. Save hundreds of thousands to millions of online platform fees for factories of different sizes every year.

3. K100B2B regularly has offline product selection meetings, offline exhibitions, professional procurement matchmaking meetings for buyers, online matchmaking activities, and centralized procurement of factories in the industrial belt. profit rate.

4.Factories can use the centralized procurement model of the K100B2B platform to face thousands of buyers and buyers to conduct unified digital management of cross-border e-commerce supply chains, online visualization of order status, and export tax rebates for small and large batches of cross-border e-commerce. One-stop cross-border e-commerce supply chain management, you can also put the goods in domestic bonded warehouses and overseas warehouses, and let warehouse staff help you ship and package one piece for delivery, saving labor and tedious work such as packaging and shipping, fast Contact with cross-border e-commerce sellers, improve profit margins and delivery efficiency, better serve customers, and improve customer stickiness

5. We will gradually open up with mainstream overseas warehouses, so that you can arrange domestic warehouses in advance, and overseas warehouses can better serve cross-border e-commerce sellers.

6. Worry-free selection: professional selection teams at home and abroad, big data selection of marketable products. We have more than 15 years of experience in cross-border e-commerce and export supply chain management in the industry, helping you iterate the supply chain, what products are easy to sell, and what should we produce, instead of the previous single OEM/OEM traditional foreign trade export single model. Better adapt to market demand

7. In the early days of the factory, when the cross-border e-commerce sellers face less product orders, more SKUs, or the products do not want to be seen by more peers or competitors, we have a good solution for you to transform into cross-border e-commerce in foreign trade. Effortlessly, one-key whitelist customers to view products, major customer products proprietary products and other solutions

If you are a source industry belt factory, the products of the factory are suitable for the cross-border e-commerce market and meet certain overseas certification requirements, please register as a supplier for free immediately
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3C consumer electronics, home furnishing, DIY toys, outdoor sports, pet supplies, beauty and personal care, small appliances, bags, tools, etc.

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Three、Resident Supplier Requirements

| The source factory of the industrial belt must be a factory including a finished product factory, a production and processing manufacturer; its own brand owner

| The products of the factory have mainly been exported and sold to cross-border e-commerce sellers, trading companies

| The product meets the needs of customers in overseas markets, and has the corresponding countrys certification requirements or plans to do certification in the future

| The packaging of the product has English packaging, neutral packaging or multi-language packaging to meet the requirements of foreign customers or can be customized according to the sellers requirements

| The number of orders can be based on the flexibility of cross-border e-commerce. The number of orders can range from small batches to large batches. There is a willingness to cooperate with the long-term development of their new categories and jointly expand the market.

| Product compliance and non-infringement

| Timely and fast delivery or reasonable delivery time according to the order quantity, timely and fast delivery of the buyers order and product with after-sales service, etc.

Four、Information to be provided by suppliers

1、Hold the "Business License" that has completed the most recent annual inspection, the business scope is in its business field, and the business activities do not exceed the business scope of the "Business License" standard, and the factory has the right to enter and exit by itself.

2、Commodities need to be delivered to the bonded warehouse in time according to the customers order or stocked in the bonded area warehouse or overseas warehouse later according to the order demand

3、Support the payment method agreed by the buyer and itself and deliver the goods according to the agreed time

4、With stable supply and production capacity, strict quality control process and professional after-sales service.

Five、Product Qualification Requirements

1、Can provide test reports of related products, and related certifications must comply with the laws and regulations of the sales destination, such as CE, FCC, RoHS, HDMI, UL, Bluetooth and other certifications.

2、For self-owned brand products, it is necessary to provide brand sales authorization in the European and American markets.

3、For patented products, EU and US patent certificates are required.

4、The product needs to provide English instructions (multiple languages are better), and English or neutral outer packaging.

Six、Supplier onboarding process

(1) Create an account: Free online registration for suppliers, email confirmation - complete and upload materials as required.

(2) After 1-2 working days, the K100B2B customer service will send a confirmation email after the approval.

(3)Product upload: upload the product as required, the product image has no watermark, clear 750x750 white background image, and English product description. There is information on the size and weight of the product

The product description can be added to the scene map, etc. There are no Chinese words in the picture, which is convenient for sellers to upload to other platforms.

(4)On-shelf distribution: After the product is uploaded, K100B2B customers click on the shelf to start the shelf distribution after reviewing the product. After the product is on the shelf, buyers can directly place an order for purchase.

(5)After receiving the purchase order, click Confirm and prepare the goods in time according to the time agreed in the order, or deliver the goods in time according to the warehouse in the bonded area or overseas warehouse.

Timely delivery of out-of-stock products to the bonded area for storage: The supplier transports the goods to the designated bonded warehouse or overseas warehouse on the platform. Or according to the delivery method agreed in the order.

(6)After-sales processing: If there are after-sales problems, the supplier will arrange a special person to cooperate in a timely manner.

(7)Payment settlement: Settlement the goods sold in this period on the agreed settlement date.

Seven、Factory suppliers settled in

If you are factory available online registration directly
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(The customer service that needs supplementary information will contact you to review the supplementary information on a regular basis every day in the background)

During the platform development period, in order to avoid the number of factories of different categories, please register as soon as possible to enjoy the platform bonus in time.

1. If your factory has more than 200 employees, and you have long-term export trade or supply to large cross-border e-commerce sellers, and the products are suitable for overseas market needs, you will have the opportunity to obtain the K100 certified factory.

2. Own brand factories or brand owners who have a reason to go overseas can choose our overseas brand service

3.Or you are a member of various industrial belts, such as local bureaus of commerce, industrial park leaders, industrial belt clusters, etc., and there is a need for a unified industrial belt factory to go online, and you can enjoy the priority rights of local industrial belt traffic resources, centralized procurement and docking of buyers, etc.

Factory or overseas brand owners or government agencies in industrial belts that comply with any of Article Seven 1.2.3 can contact us

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