Pre-shipment inventory and inspection
1. K100B2B.coms warehouse provides the following standard services (free)
1 ) Check packaging and quantity
2 ) Check inside the box
3 ) Visual inspection
All outer boxes (Carton)
1 box (CTN)/item
1 piece (PCS)/item
2. The warehouse of provides the following value-added services according to the buyers request
Piece-by-item points
Follow up with creative products or OEM/ODM products
If you want to buy creative products or OEM/ODM products, has a dedicated team to follow up our order by:
1 ) Search and recommend suitable manufacturers for you
2 ) Production samples
3 ) Provide samples for your confirmation
Contact us: will charge $200/box/piece/manufacturer once the sample gets your confirmation.
PLEASE NOTE: The cost of making samples and delivering to the buyer is borne by the buyer.
If the product you are looking for is not available on the website, you can also submit your requirements in the purchasing requirements, and we will promptly send your requirements to the factory or contact us directly
Contact us:
    David Huang 13713865108 (Same number on WeChat mobile phone)