K100B2B.com Privacy Policy

What kind of information do we collect?

Our goal is to provide you with a safe and enjoyable purchasing experience. When we collect information about you, we do so to make our products and services more efficient and tailored to you. You are free to browse our website without disclosing any of your personal information. However, once you provide us with your personal information, you are not anonymous.

Automatic message:

We automatically track certain information based on your behavior on our site. We use this information to analyze user behavior, interests, and demographics to better understand and serve our users. This information might include the URL you just came from, the URL you visited next, the browser you used, and your IP address.

Personally Identifiable Information:

This is information specific to you that you provide to us. We collect information such as your name, phone number, billing information, shipping information and other personal information displayed on forms throughout our website. You provide such information when purchasing, drawing prizes, filling out surveys or forms, providing feedback on ratings or recommendations, giving or redeeming gift certificates, etc. We indicate where possible which fields are required and which are optional. You can always choose not to provide information, but you may not be able to use a particular service or feature by omitting the information.

Our Use of Your Information:

We only use the information we collect from you to improve our products and services and to make your trading experience more efficient and relevant. We examine visitor behavior to determine user preferences. We also analyze and research the demographics, interests and pages visited by visitors based on information provided to us during the ordering period, from our server log files, and from surveys.

Promotional offers:

From time to time, we may make or send offers on behalf of other parties to select our subscribers. When we do, we do not provide the company with user information without your consent. If users do not want to receive such newsletters, edit your account preferences.

Security and how to Delete your information:

When you trade on our website, our security commitment will protect you so that you never have to worry about information security. We guarantee that every transaction you make on our site is secure. If you would like to delete your information, or if you have further questions about our privacy policy or have any comments on how we can improve your trading experience, please feel free to contact us.