Cross-border sellers (purchases) settled in

Cross-border sellers (purchases) settled in

One、 Introduction of the buyer

1、Service objects: Amazon, eBay, Wish, Walmart, Shopify and other cross-border e-commerce platform sellers or other independent site sellers, provide domestic centralized warehouse or overseas warehouse spot one-piece drop-shipping service for sellers who want to be cross-border e-commerce.

2、Products: 14 product lines including household products, outdoor sports, sports health, beauty and personal care, pets, 3C, handicrafts, toys, industrial and commercial, and sporting goods.

Two、The advantages of K100B2B cross-border e-commerce supply chain platform centralized procurement or distribution services/span>

1、Massive high-quality supply

K100B2B has a 15-year professional product team. Its team members are from buyers at home and abroad. The professional supply chain management team selects 26 categories of household products, outdoor products, toys, pet products, auto parts, music, etc., 200+ new products are launched every month, 100,000+ Different types of goods, support direct delivery of non-general goods and large-scale products, which can easily solve the problem of product selection for you, and can also ship one piece on behalf of thousands of suppliers online to face centralized procurement, saving procurement costs and labor costs , the product has completed the product picture shooting, the standard English product description, the white list can realize high-margin products and the privatization of exclusive suppliers, only the white-listed buyers can see.

2、Release financial pressure

K100B2B centralized procurement cross-border e-commerce supply chain management or distribution model, that is, no supply model, zero entry fee; you do not need to stock up, no inventory risk, first order and then pay, liberate capital pressure; local warehouse or overseas warehouse one Drop-shipping, fast logistics, and can also quickly shorten the payment cycle. Supply chain finance can have bank credit according to historical order quota and customs declaration, and there is no pressure to expand categories

3. The digital platform of the full-process cross-border e-commerce supply chain can realize the digital management of procurement-transportation-and suppliers

4.Iterative upgrade of supply chain In the current post-cross-border e-commerce era, in the era of boutique and branded operations, products and supply chains will become the core competitiveness of cross-border e-commerce sellers. The big data selection team and professional product managers will provide you with high profits for supply chain iteration, product upgrades and branding operations

Vertically subdivided categories, the seller-buyer community regularly provides cross-border e-commerce hotspots and cross-border product selection, cross-border intelligence, data analysis reports, product selection tools and other additional services

5.No worries after sale

Professional customer service team, platform products have after-sales service period, and efficient handling of after-sales problems. Can communicate directly with suppliers to solve problems quickly

Three、Buyer or Distribution Service Process

(1)Register as a K100B2B member - the whole process of buyers is free, and enjoy professional procurement team - targeted product procurement needs - buyer and factory procurement docking, product selection, offline exhibition selection and other value-added services.

Fill in the registration as a buyer on the K100B2B official website as required, and start a distribution journey.

(2)Download product data pack

According to your selection preference, you can download the product data package you plan to sell for free after logging in to the K100B2B official website and check the purchase price in time.

(3)Post sale

List and sell the downloaded products on platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, Independent Station and eBay.

(4)Pay for goods

Once Amazon, Walmart, Indie Station and eBay and other platforms have placed an order, you can place an order on the K100B2B cross-border e-commerce supply chain platform to pay, send the goods to designated consumers or store them in your own overseas warehouse or Amazon FBA warehouse Wait

(5)Timely delivery

After receiving your order request, the supplier will accept the order in the background in a timely manner, and deliver it to the domestic warehouse, bonded area warehouse or overseas warehouse in time according to the agreed delivery location of the order.

(6)After-sales service

Provide professional customer service for common product problems, logistics inquiries, returns, and damage compensation.

Four、Contact information for cross-border sellers

Contact phone: 13713865108 (same number on WeChat)

Remark the sellers name - product category, etc. to facilitate the later group connection

Or contact your local city partner and recommender

Free entry link for cross-border sellers (purchases):