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Electric Damper

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Item code: DM1006Main Parameters ItemRate Motor RatingRated Voltage12±1( Vd.c)Frequency300PPSInput Current<60mAExcitation2 phasesStep Angle7.5°/stepHeaterNOMotor RatingOpen-Close1850 steps(including lock 100 steps)Close-Open1750 stepsOperating AnglePlate/output shaft about 0.05°/ stepOperating TimeOpen-close about 6.2sOperating Environment-35℃~40℃Damper code meaning DM ¨  ¨  ¨¨  ¨¨ ¨¨ 1   2  3   4     5    6 DM= Damper (Motor type;stepping motor)Air vents: 1=Single  2=DoubleSteps from open to close  0=1750、 2=2720; 5=500、 6=6330Frame size: 01、02、03、......99Customer code: ML= Meiling, MD= Midea, CW= SkyworthSeries number: 01 02 03....... Appliance The electric damper is mainly used in air-cooled refrigerator controled by PCBA, the refrigerator manufacturers, according to the requirement of structure design, can use 1 single damper or 2 single dampers or double vents damper which respectively controlled two rooms.  The damper is mainly mounted in the air vent of refrigerator, the setting temperature in fridge and variable temperature areas can be adjusted through opening or closing the damper controlled by PCBA, can be obtained in different temperature zones (such as soft frozen temperature -7℃ to -6℃; micro freezing -4℃ to -3℃, ice refrigerated temperature -2℃ to -1℃; low temperature -1℃ to 0℃; common cold storage 1℃ to 5℃), to meet the different requirements for food storage. Damper Background The damper is derived from the development needs of the market to fully research and enterprise restructuring, with the widespread use of PCBA in the refrigerator industry, some functional components have been widely used too, therefore, in 2014 Hengtong Co.,developed PCBA, ice maker, vacuum pump, electric damper, and have been gradually going into mass production. For electric damper, we based on absorbing products were improved and optimized for many times in the material selection, mold design and production process, so far, the technology, equipment and quality control ability of electric damper is the leading level in China. Damper series1000 Series(Single): 1750 Steps(90°)、500 Steps(90°)2600 Series(Double): 6330 Steps(90°) Key materials Outer case: ABS   Origin: CHIMEI In Taiwan   Characteristics: Heat resistance, Rigidity, Luster, Stability in size.Gear: POM   Origin: MITSUBISHI   Characteristics: High strength, Self-lubrication, Anti-frictionMotor shell: SECC   Origin: BAOSTEEL   Characteristics: Anti-corrosion, strong tensileHarness and Connector   Origin: Molex、JST、AMP   Characteristics: Top quality from Brand supplier

Electric Damper

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Product : Electric Damper
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