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LP-E17 Battery and charger set for Canon Camera

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Factory directly supply LP-E17 Rechargeable battery 2 pack and 1 Dual Micro USB portable charger for camera.

 Please note that the Beston LP-E17 Batteries has been upgraded. (Not Fully Decoded ). It will display the battery life in the Canon Rebel SL2 ,T6i, T6s, T7i, ,EOS 200D, 750D, 760D, 77D ,800D, 8000D, KISS X8i Digita SLR Camera .

NOT Display Battery life in the Canon EOS M3, M5, M6 Cameras and BG-E18 Battery Grip .(But the camera will not prompt battery is not a genuine canon battery )

Batteries Can't charge with the original Canon LP E17 Charger. It must be charged with Beston LPE17 charger. LP E17 High Capacity Batteries (7.4V,1380mAh) , with CE Safety Certification.

The newest generation of CPU control, IC chip, double PCB panel, Built with multiple circuit protection ( over-charging,over current, over voltage, short-circuit, high-temperature ).With CE ROHS Certifications , Fast and Safe charging.

Micro-USB input : Multiple Charging Option: Charge wherever there is a USB jack, just connect with your USB wall charger, cellphone adapter, car charger, Portable Power Source, or external battery .Convenient to travel .

LP-E17 Battery and charger set for Canon Camera

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