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Hybrid Humidifier with 100℃ heating technology

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Model SH606Product Specifications Specification  SH606 Mist Capacity, ml/h  300(Cool Mist)  500(Warm Mist) Tank Capacity, L  6 Power, W  25 (Cool Mist)  225(Warm Mist) Noise Level, dB(A)  <35(Cool Mist)  <45(Warm Mist) Unit Size, mm  233*233*336       Gift Box Size, mm  263*263*366   Master Carton Size, mm  516*516*397   QTY/CTN, pcs  4 Loading QTY,   20GP/40GP/40HQ, pcs  1060/2300/2592Detail Information• Top filling hot & cool mist humidifier• 100 degree heating sterilization function, Mist output temperature 55℃• Three humidifying levels(Hi/Med./Low)• Night mode, No LED shining to have a good sleeping in night• 10 hours timing• With aroma function• Dual sealing patent structure to make sure no leakage• Optional UV-LED sterilization with bacteria killing efficiency 99%• Optional Silver Ion sterilization with bacteria killing efficiency 99.99%• Automatic shut-off protection with warning when waterless• Automatic shut-off protection when take off water tank cover• Optional demineralization cartridge to prolong useful life• Integrated body design for noise suppression, super quiet when operating• Ceramic glass glaze transducer, can resist water scale effectively to prolong useful life• Cool mist humidity capacity >300ML/H .Warm mist humidity capacity >500ML/H .• Using time for a full water tank :20hoursContact UsJelly WangSales Director Foshan Smillon Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd.Add: 4th Floor, the C8 building, new lighting source industrial base, Luocun,Shishan town, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong.Email: Jelly.wang@smillon.comTel: 86-757 6322 3371       Fax: 86-757 6322 3372Mob: 86-186 6608 0068Skype: Myjelly9978Wechat: 131 3813 0638Scan the Wechat QR for more information

Hybrid Humidifier with 100℃ heating technology

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